Assuming you have just created a new database for your company in the QNE Cloud Accounting, the next step is to register the company database so that you can start to key in transactions in the QNE Cloud Accounting system. When the users purchase Cloud Accounting, they are required to register the license with the software provider by providing a unique license key. This license key will be used to activate the software and to unlock all the features and functions that are included in the system. 

Here's how you can register the company database:



  1. Navigate to the “My Companies” page.


Method 1:


  • Diagram 1.1 “My Companies” in the Top Left Section of the screen under sample company. 



Method 2


  • Diagram 1.2 “My Companies” in the Top Right Section of the screen under Account name. 



  1. Select the company that you require to register.




  1. Place the mouse on the “Plan” button and select “Add Product Key”.


  1. System will prompt a message box to let you key in the product key. 



  1. Click “Activate” Button to activate the License. 



The Product Key will be included in the Invoice issued by our QNE Sales Team.