After completing the On-Boarding Process, let’s get started with the company basic setups




Before you start to key-in all your transactions, you still need to go through some basic setup, primarily to fill the information of your company on the Company Profile screen.

To do this, go to the Navigation Pane, click Company > Company Profile.






There are several tabs under Company Profile: Basic, General, Header, Financial Period, and Logo. Let’s start with the Basic Details. 


To modify the existing information, click ‘Edit’.




Update all the necessary details by typing within the text boxes. Once done, you may now proceed with the succeeding tabs.




Following the Basic Tab in the General Tab where you can enter the Company Address, Website, Contact Person, and Contact Number.



Under Header Tab, click 'Reset' to apply the changes made in the Basic and General Tabs. 

You can finalize your Company Report Header look, and further change the formatting styles by adjusting the Font Style, Color, Size, Alignment, etc. 





The Financial Period which was initially set up during on-boarding can be edited in the Financial Period tab, provided no posted transactions have yet been made.


Lastly, the Logo Tab allows you to remove or change the uploaded logo, or upload one in case you have skipped this step during the on-boarding process.



Once updates for Company Profile is done, click ‘Save’ to apply changes.







  1. At Company > Company Profile, click Edit to modify Company Basic Info. Fill in your Sales Tax or Service Tax where applicable. 
  2. You may still modify the Company Header under Header tab.
  3. Financial Period and Cut-Off Date can still be edited, provided no transactions have been posted.
  4. You may remove or replace the Company Logo under Logo tab.
  5. Remember to click on Save to apply all the changes you have made.