Creating keywords in Train My QuickScan helps to convert the documents as transaction in the system. Steps to do so are easy and the applications are infinite.

AI Module in QNE Cloud Accounting uses OCR technology to scan and convert soft and hard copies of transaction documents into transactions in the system. Utilizing the keywords that was saved by the user themselves,once system detected keywords from the scanning, it will automatically uses the corresponding GL Account that was pair with these keywords to create the transaction record in the accounting system. 

User can utilize Train My Quickscan to save keywords into their own system and reduce manual data entry work to minimal.



How to create keywords that can help user to convert the documents received into a transaction in the system?



1. Under Navigation Panel, go to AI Module > Train my QuickScan.

2. Click Add.

3. Enter the following details. 

        a. Conversion Type: Bill or Payment Voucher

        b. Item Name: Keywords (Can be multiple items)

        c. Account: GL Account to be used upon detection of the keyword

        d. Tax Code: Tax Code to be used once detected (Optional)

4. To Add Multiple Item Names, click Add Item. Once done click Submit.

5. This will be automatically added on the list. For other function:

        a. Clone: Duplicate existing item on the list and amend certain details that differ

        b. Edit: Edit the current item

        c. Delete: Delete the keyword

Convert attachment with saved keywords.

As shown above, upon detection of the 2 keywords -  'Accounting' and 'Audit' are detected from the sales invoice, system automatically uses the correct posting GL account code when converting the document data into a Bill entry in the system.