QNE Cloud Accounting How to amend Term and Conditions in Transactions Format

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Current Design:

Note: wants to edit Term and Condition.


Step 1 - Press Reporting > Press Report Designer.

Step 2 - in Report Designer table, User can directly filter which form wants to customize
Example: Filter with Sales Invoice.

Step 3 - there is 2 Predefine Format which Provided by QNE Software, Example i wants to Design a different term and conditions with Sales Invoice with SST Format, Press Design button.

Step 4 - After Press Design Button, a Clone Report pop out Box will appear request to give this report a new Name.

Note: Users are free to place any name they decide, I'll add V1 at behind.

Step 5 - Then Press again Design with the new format that user clone just now.

Step 6 - System will zoom user to report designer page

Note: Now, We can start change term and condition

Note: So, Now we zoom to the part we wants to customize

there is 3 Label here

1st - Normal label (which allow user manual Edit)

2nd - Company name label. (which will auto detect Company name from Company profile, not allow edit)

3rd - Normal Label (which allow user manual Edit)

And now i wants to Edit 3rd Label to 

'We Declare that this invoice shows the actual price of the goods described and that all particulars are true and correct'

Step 7 - All i need to do is double click the 3rd Column, then can start manual keyin



Then Click Save

1st - Press Menu Button

Then Click Save.

Now When preview Sales invoice, User will find a new format option which customized just now, Press the new option。

Press the new format, Users will get the desired term and condition.


What if i wants to add 3rd condition, instead of adding new condition.

As you can see the 3rd Label still have many space, we can expand to label by drag wider a little bit.

We can drag it smaller, then copy (CTRL+ C), then paste Label (CTRL+V)

Copy and Paste Label


After Paste Label

Note: User can Click the Label, Hold the Left Click to Move label to correct place.

If you Choose 1st Option Drag Wider, and insert No.3 Condition.

If you Choose 2nd Method, add new label.

Same Press Menu Button, Click Save.


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