How to Import User and User Roles by using IO Import via Excel. This method suitable to use for new created database but need to be access by the same batch of accounting staff.

Company A = Existing Company

Company B = New created company

*Below is the completed System Role & System User from Company A and we want apply the same to Company B.


1. Login to Company A > Go to Maintenance > User Roles

2. Ctrl + A to select all the record > Right click > IO Export to XML 

3. Choose where you want to save the file

4. Login to Company B > Go to Maintenance > User Roles

5. Delete the “Manager”, “Purchase” and “Sales"

6. Right Click on the blank space > IO > Import from XML

7. Choose the XML file > Click “Open” > Click “OK”

8. Now you can see all the User Roles and User has been imported.

Done :) 

Please refer the Full Document here , Thank you.