How to Import Customer Pricing Rules by using IO Import via Excel. This method suitable for trading / wholesales industries that would like to update their promotion price list every month.

1. Go to Sales > Customer Pricing Rules > "Search"

2. We able to see all the pricing rules record here.

3. Now we press CTRL+A on keyboard in order to select all the record and IO Export to excel.


4. Choose where u want to save the excel file. File name “pricelistJan2021”

5. Then we amend the custom price / discount as per the updated price list.

6. Example: Price for Stock AA has been increased from RM 2 to RM 2.20

7. Go back to Customer Pricing Rules > Ctrl + A to select all > Click “Delete”

8. Click “Yes”

9. Next, we going to import the updated price list from excel. Right click from the blank space and click “Import from”

10. Select the excel file “pricelistJan2021” and click “Next”

11. Click “Guess Mapping” and “Import”

12. Click “Finish” if u see the result is SUCCESS

13. After imported, then we can see the update price list here.

DONE :) 

Please refer to Full Document here, Thank you.