Here's how to activate the license on payroll. Follow these simple steps to unlock and enjoy the full benefits of your Cloud Payroll package. Learn more here.

After user purchase any Cloud Payroll packages. User is required to register and activate the license on payroll account to enjoy the full benefits of the package.

1. Obtain User Product Key

To activate the license on payroll, please obtain the unique product key from the agent. User may also retrieve the product key by referring to the invoice he/she received.

2. Copy the Product Key

Copy the product key and log in to . Click on + New  Company and Register a new company. User may skip this step if the company was already created. 

3. Go to License

Click on Open Company to log in to the company and scroll to the company names to expand the drop-down list. Click on License.

4. Key In Product Key into the Designated Field 

Under Unregistered company list, click on Register and key in / paste the Product Key user just copied. Click Ok to confirm.

5. Enjoy Full Benefits

After users activate the license on payroll account, they will be able to utilize the full package and module they have purchased.

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You may refer to the official website of Malaysia Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) for any updates on employment regulations.