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After proceeding with Stocktake, I found that some of the serial number items have been sold but the record still exists in the system. At the same time, there is some other serial number item is not recorded in the system as well.

 How can I adjust serial number in the system?

Example Serial number A00001 is an invalid serial number and I suppose to insert serial number D00001 is the system


  1. To adjust serial number, Go to Stock > Stock Adjustments > select the Serial number item > Stock Stype = Stock Out

  2. Select the invalid Serial Number Item from Available tab > Click Add > the adjust serial Number will move to right table > Click OK

  3. The system displays Stock Adjustment QTY as a negative value > Save it 
  4. Check Serial No. Available Inquiry > Serial No. A00001 is no longer available
  5. Now we are going to add the Serial Number D00001
    Go back to Stock Adjustment > Select the item > Stock Type = Stock In
    Select tab as Manual > update the Serial Number in the column > Add

  6. D00001 display at the table at right > OK
  7. System display Stock Adjustment QTY as a positive value
    Remember to update Unit Price. Else the item cost = 0 and it will affect your costing later

  8. Serial number D00001 is available now


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