Delphi database upgrade process was interrupted, maybe due to Server machine suddenly restart/shut down or connection to server machine was lost but when login database no longer prompts upgrade database message.

Recommended to perform re-upgrade database because you may encounter errors


  1. Make sure all users have logout the database
  2. You alone login to the database
  3. Find out your current database version
  4. Go to Help > About
  5. In this example, my current Database version is 2014.5.0.752


6. Click OK to close

7. Go to File > Utilities > QNE Management Tools

8. Once QNE Management Tools opened up

9. Go to Tools > Intelligence SQL Queries

10. Tick “Overwrite Generated SQL”

11. Copy and paste below query into query box

12. “SET SYSTEMDATAVALUE =” to your previous database version 

13. “WHERE SYSTEMDATAVALUE =” to your current database version


SET SYSTEMDATAVALUE = '2014.5.0.751' 


14. Click “Execute SQL” button and click “Exit” button

15. Close QNE Management Tools

16. Re-login your database

17. Delphi will prompt request upgrade message again

18. Click “Yes” to upgrade database

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