After having new PC and new user,

User requests to connect workstations to the server

So that the users can successfully login the database in workstation PCs





Get Server Name 

Right click This PC, go to Properties > Computer Name




Get Server IP Address 

* Please ensure IP address in server is static IP


Method 1:

Right click Network > Properties > Ethernet >Details > IPv4 Address


Method 2:

  1. Type cmd in windows search icon and run it


2. Enter ipconfig in command prompt




  1. Click to open Database wizard



    2. Click on Append

    3. Wait a few moments when it is loading to automatically connect to server name. It is usually in PC name\QNEBSS format.



    4. You may use dropdown icon to search 


    5. If cannot find, manually key in server name. 

    Try methods below:


    Method 1:

    Server Name\QNEBSS


    Method 2:

    Server Name\QNEBSS,1433


    Method 3:

    IP address

    Method 4:

    IP address\QNEBSS\QNEBSS

    Method 5:

    IP address\QNEBSS,1433\QNEBSS,1433



    6. Use the dropdown icon to search for database



    7. Select database > Test connection > click OK


    If database cannot be found, please refer to the link below:

    How to Fix SQL Server Connection Error 


    8. Key in the IP address in QLS server.


    9. Save and Close. The database in workstation has been connected to the server.