User Michelle only in-charge the Project A and she will not involve in other projects. So she only can create, read, edit and update the document or account relevant with Project A only.


Before Using this User Default Setting, please make sure the User Default Setting has been ticked and save. This is additional module, extra charges is occurred.

Step 1 : Click on (File -> Modules). Plesae make sure the User Default Setting has ticked. 

Step 2 : User can find the User Default Setting Default -> User Default Setting 


Step 3 : Once you enter the User Default Setting click on New to create.

View by Project and Not Allow Select Other Project
Step 4 : Select project (E.g. Project A). Next, Tick  Viewed by project only.  After complete the setting , click Save.

Step 5: When Michelle login the transaction example Sales -> Quotation, system only shows Project A. User not allow to see and choose other projects. Since “Allow to select other project” is unticked.

Step 6: View -> Report -> Project -> Project Profit & Loss Acount -> Project Profit & Loss Acount with details, user can only view Project A report . Since “View by Project is Ticked” means user only can view own project 

Select more than one projects, not allow to select the other project and viewed by project only.

Step 7: If User has set 2 project (Project A & B) in the User Default Setting, and tick View by Project only 

Step 8: The user is able to select Project A and Project B in their user account but cannot select other projects

Step 9: In the reporting, user can also view Project A and Project B only 

Select 2 projects, Allow to select other project and tick viewed by project only.

Step 10: If user has set 2 project (Project A & B) in the User Default Setting, tick Allow to select other project, tick View by Project only

Step 11: User can view and select other project other thanProject A & Project B 


Step 12: But user is not able to view other project’s Report since “View by Project Only” is ticked 

Compulsory Select Project or Compulsory Select Detail Project.

Step 13: If user ticked Compulsory Select Project   

User should update project in the header else error message will be prompt as below and not allow to save 


Step 14: If user ticked Compulsory Select Detail Project   


User should update Detail Project in the transaction else system not allow to save