When a project requires a long estimation of duration, it is crucial for contractors to ensure that there is sufficient fund to support the on-going project operation.

Progress Billing Module is developed to cater these requirements. User may issue invoices to request partial payment for the completed portion /percentage of the on-going project.

In this module, user may issue invoices according to the project current completed percentage and phases.

This is especially useful for users from construction industry, where the projects duration could last for more than a year



  1. Go to File > Module

  1. Tick Progress Invoicing. Save & Close

  1. Create a Sales Order with the full amount of the project.

  1. To issue a Progress Billing, go to Sales Invoices

For example, 30% of the work has been completed and need to claim customer payment.

Select customer account and Transfer the Sales Order to Sales Invoices

  1. Tick the Sale Order and click OK.

  1. Enter the percentage (%) of completion to date in the ‘Progress %’ column and save the transaction.

For example, 30% of the total payment will be automatically calculated.

  1. Preview the report Invoices (Progress Invoicing)

  1. To monitor the progress percentage of the porject, Go to View > Reports > Sales Reports > Progess Invoicing > Outstanding Sales Order

Or Go to the Original Sales Order

  1. Next, issue another Progress Billing by transferring the same Sales Order.

The Progress % column will now show 70%, indicating that 30% of the work has been completed.

  1. Amend on the percentage to current progress to date.

  1. Preview the report again. Take note on the Prior and Current Percentage.

  1. Finally, recheck the Sales Order. Notice that the Progress (%) has been accumulated.