Introducing Shortlisted Candidates Feature that has greatly simplified the Recruitment Process using Payroll & HR System.


You may now simplified the recruitment process using Payroll & HR system which is so easy and smooth! Read on to learn how you can fully utilize this feature.

You may click on the below link to view the video intro of the shortlisted candidate: 

1. First go to Shortlisted Candidates under Setup. In this screen, click on Send Invitation to send out an interview invitation email to your preferred candidates. 

2. Fill in all the details in the screen, select the interview date and time and click OK to send out the invitation email.

3. A new record will be created in the Shortlisted Candidate screen. 

4. At the same time, candidates will then receive the interview email with a link in the email. Candidates is required to fill in their personal details from the link.

5. Candidate is required to fill in their personal details, education, work experience and other relevant info.


6. Once the candidate clicks on Save to submit the info, HR user will be able to view the candidate’s info directly from the system, which has greatly simplified the recruitment process using Payroll & HR System.

7. Interviewer may update the candidate’s status by clicking on Edit > Status and change the candidate status as the recruitment process goes on.


8. If the candidate is hired, you may select the candidate > Click Transfer to Employee to transfer all the employee’s info to create a new employee profile in the system.

9. Fill in the details and click OK


10. The employee profile has been transferred successfully


With this feature, all HR users may Simplified the Recruitment Process using Payroll & HR System save their time and effort on other more important tasks.