Easily Keep Track of  Salary Expenses by Project in Payroll System to generates detail monthly and yearly reports. Checkout the article and learn more.

Recollecting and keeping tracks of project expenses can be a nuances and tedious task. However, in QNE Cloud Payroll, we have simplified this process for your salary expenses. All you need to do is assign employees to the respective Projects and run payroll accordingly to generate monthly and yearly reports.

How to Setup Projects including Add/Edit and Delete Projects

These Projects will used in Employee Maintenance


Go to SETUP > Company > Projects

Project Listing screen will be prompted .




  1. Create a New Project

Click Add button to add new Project

Keyin Project’s Code and Project’s Name.

INACTIVE: Tick this checkbox if this project is inactive

After click OK button, system will show message “Operation successfully completed!” And Project is created and show in project listing screen




  1. Edit Project

Click on Project Code that wants to edit on project listing screen.

Edit Project details and then click OK button




After click OK, system will save the Project details and show message “Operation successfully completed!”



  1. Delete Project


Tick the checkbox on the Project that want to delete

Delete button will appear on screen



Click Delete button and system will prompt out Remove Confirmation message and click OK button if confirm want to delete or click Cancel button if want to cancel operation

After click OK to confirm delete the Project then system will show message “Operation successfully completed!” and Project had been deleted.