User can process Bonus easily in Cloud Payroll system, the process is similar to monthly salary payroll processing, with an extra step. Read on to learn more.

Bonus's Sequence

In the system, there are multiple ways for you to generate Bonus. But first, please decide whether you want to:

  1. Generate and process Bonus together with monthly payroll, or
  2. Generate and process Bonus separately

Why is the above decision matter? It is because when you enter all the Bonuses for your employee, you would want to enter it in the correct sequence.

Once you decided on the above, you can now starts to enter the bonus details in the system.

A. Process Bonus together with Monthly Payroll

If you wish to process the bonus together with monthly payroll, please make sure that all your bonus entries are key in at the Second Half sequence

1. Go to Bonus > Payroll > Select the Month > Sequence : Second Half


2. Click on Add and key in the amount for the selected Employee > Click Save and continue by selecting another employee and entering his/her bonus amount.

B. Process Bonus separately

The method to enter Bonus amount is similar, but to process Bonus separately from other payroll Sequence, you need to make sure that the sequence you selected is Bonus Sequence.

Bonus Batch Processing

While it is convenient to entering each and everyone Bonuses individually, user may also utilize the Batch Processing feature to help you calculates the employees Bonus fast and easy.

There are 3 calculations you can use to calculates employees' bonus amount:

  • by Month/Day Salary
  • by Percentage (%)
  • by Fixed Amount

These are some common Bonus calculation methods you may use to key in all your employee's bonuses. Here's how.

1. Go to Payroll > Bonus > Select Month > Select Sequence = Bonus > Click Batch Processing

2. Select Payment Method By > Key in Value of Bonus Calculation.

3. Select Number of Employees that show on screen to process Bonus

4. Checked the Employees that want to process bonus

5. Click Calculate Bonus to generate Bonus Amount

     Note: PCB, Employee’s EPF & Employer’s EPF is auto applied for Bonus

6. Click Save to save the Bonus

7. Bonus is saved.

8. Go to Payroll > Generate Payroll

9. Click Generate Payroll button.

10. Select Year > Select Month > Select Sequence = Bonus > Click OK

11. Click OK again on Group selection

12. Click OK again for generate Bonus for All Employee

13. Click Process Payroll for Bonus


14. Click OK to confirm process payroll for Bonus.

15. Bonus is processed