QNE Delphi backup prompted below error

“.qib is too large”


The actual database file (.FDB) mostly due to Audit Trail data.

Copy the actual database (.FDB) and paste a copy in your “Backup” folder for future reference.



1. Login database and go to File > Audit Trail

2. Press [F9] on keyboard and key in password “qne1080”

3. A Delete button will be enabled

4. Click Delete button > tick checkbox “Audit Trail Date” and fill up the Audit Trail’s period to be delete

5. Example delete Audit trail from the day you start to use QNE Delphi until your last account audited date

6. Click Delete and it will load for some time

7. Click OK after finish delete Audit Trail

8. You may proceed to backup database and restore for system to release unused space in .FDB


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