Other than Searching an Item based on the Stock Code when creating a transaction, you can search an Item by based on barcode or even scan the barcode.


1. To setup the barcode in Stock Items, Go to “Stocks” > “Stock Items”

2. Double click into the Stock Item you wish to setup

3. Go to tab “Multi-UOMs” > key in the barcode into column “Bar Code”


4. Click Save button

5. To preview or print the barcode, go to “Home” > click on “Print Barcode”

6. Define the Symbol used for barcode (Normally will based on Barcode printer) and “No. Of Copies”

7. Click “Preview” and click “Print icon” then select your Barcode Printer

8. You can print multiple Stock Item’s barcode at a same time too

9. Go to View > Reports > Stocks Reports > Reports > Barcode / QR Code

10. Define the Symbol used for barcode, “No. Of Copies” and Stock Items range

11. Click Preview button > click Print button and select your Barcode Printer

12. Now you can select Stock Item by scanning barcode in all transaction form

13. If you scan the same barcode repeatedly, system will automatically add up the QTY.


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