It's recommended to change passwords after a certain of days (for example every 90 

days) in password policy control. It enhances security and prevents unauthorized 

access to sensitive information.


Passwords can be compromised through various means such as phishing attacks, 

brute-force attacks, or malware, and changing passwords regularly helps to reduce 

the window of opportunity for attackers to gain access to an account.


Thus, QNE Software provides the setting to change the password after a certain number 

of days.  



1. Maintenance > User Roles > Select the user role to be updated, ticked ‘Change New Password Every [ ] Days’. You can set it as 90 days

2. Define the user in User roles.  Let says the setting is from today 27/3/2023, system will store the record as below. 



Password Change Date


Password Expired Date


Notification Date



3. The user will receive a notification 14 days before the password expired. Users can click on the message to change their password if they want instead of waiting until the expiration day

4. If the user does not change the password until 26/6/2023 (90 days), the system will prompt the change password as below. 

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Kindly refer attachment for details.