Scenario: In the IT context, a username is a unique identifier that symbolize the identity of that particular user. In QNE Cloud Accounting, User display name is assigned by the system administrator that consists of a combination of letters that follows the Identity provided by user/customers.  Thus, in this guide we will be demonstrating the solution steps on how to change user display name in the system as follows:



  1. Go to “Account Settings” 





  1. Under Basic settings, Display Name section, change the user display name as you prefer. Then Click “Update Profile” Button to update the Display Name. 



  1. System will prompt/show the message “User Profile has been updated successfully”. 

  1. The user display name in the header bar will change accordingly. 

Name is a character that carries symbolic or metaphoric meanings which shows the character or personality of that person. Overall, names are an essential part of human communication and social interaction, as they provide a means of identification and facilitate personal and collective relationships.