Created by Admin for other users.

 Step 1 - To create the access right, go to - Maintenance - User Roles – New - Name & Description : Junior Executive

 Step 2 - Click on Ctrl + A - high light all the objects – click on Full Access Right – save

 this action to enable the user access right allow to view / handle all the transactions in all modules included (GL, AR, AP, Sales, Purchase and Stock)




Step 3 - Since the user has full access right, but the user may not allow to change the unit price in Stock Maintenance, the user allow to view only


To set this setting, we filter Stock module – double click on Stock Item



Step 4 - System prompts out the table – “Security Operation Permission”


Tick for Navigation only


Then click on New – System prompts “Member Operation Permissions” table


This table content of all the fields inside Stock Maintenance


 We need to set for 2 setting. The first setting is to tick for Sales Price from “Members” as below


 Step 5 - Tick Read and then Save it


 Step 6 - The first setting in “Security Operation Permission” is already done which we just allow to Read the Save Price only


Step 7 - Now we are going to set another setting which allow to modify / edit other field inside the Stock Maintenance


Step 8 - Click - New again – Select All

Step 9 - Un tick ‘Sales Price’ – Ok


Step 10 - Tick -> Read & Write -> Save and Close


 Step 11  -For now we have 2 access right in “Stock Items”


Step 12 - Then Save and Close the screen

Step 13 - The next step is to Go to - Maintenance – My Details

Step 14 - Click New to create a new user


Update User Name & Full Name and the detail

Then the most important thing is to assign the access right to this user


Click the New button (step 1) and then choose the role as “Junior Executive” and click OK – Then Save and close

Remark : Log out from System and log in the System


User Name : Mandy

 Step 15 - Go to - Stock Module - Stock Item - Click Search


Search for an item. Notice that the Sales Price is deemed which cannot be edit and the other columns can edit

 16. Done