This setting enables users to configure access rights to prevent unauthorized changes to unit prices or selling prices. In some cases, companies may opt for the selling price set by management to be strictly adhered to at the execution level. Similarly, on the purchasing side, management may negotiate item unit costs with suppliers, and users are restricted from modifying these costs during procurement processes. This ensures that agreed-upon prices remain intact and prevents unauthorized alterations. 




  1. Maintenance > User Role > Select the user roles you would like to control 

  1. Permission > Transactions > Change Unit Price. We choose 1 for example, let’s say ‘Cash Purchase Details’ > Tick this setting

  1. In Cash Purchase transaction, once select the item system display the unit price is RM 595                    

4. User able to edit / change the unit price to any figure 

Not Allow User Change Unit Price

  1. Untick Cash Purchase Details

6. Once select the item in Cash Purchase transaction, the Unit price will be dimmed and not allowed user to change