It is a common fact for any computer user, especially for those who works in highly secured firm to know it is a must to lock their computer once when they step away from their work desk. Therefore, The QNE Cloud Accounting Software offers a function for all users to “Lock” their screen by a few clicks. The following are the solution steps that shows How to lock user screen in QNE Cloud Accounting Software. 





  1. To logout the QNE Cloud Accounting, Please do make sure to save all transactions that has been made to avoid data loss. 



  1. Kindly click the “Lock” button in the top left of the screen as shown below. 






  1. After clicking the “Lock” button, the screen will be locked up. 




Locked Screen state.



  1. To unlock the screen kindly key in the password in the field and click the “Unlock” button to unlock the screen. 






  1. After Unlock the screen user will be directed back to QNE Cloud Accounting system page where user can continue his/her work. 







Locking the computer screen when stepping away from the workstation is an essential security measure that helps to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access. By taking this simple step, users of QNE Cloud Accounting Software are able to maintain a secure and safe working environment and minimize the risk of data breach or data leak to the public. So, it is always recommended to lock your screen whenever you step away from your workstation, to ensure that your work and data remain private and confidential.