How to set auto upgrade, once server has been upgraded the new version other computer will automatically upgrade once the user login system? 


At Server 

 Create a share folder. Example “Optimum Update”.

* Paste the new version in this folder if you would like to perform upgrade.
 * This folder must be shared 


At Workstation 

Step 1: At the workstation à point to QNE icon à right click à open file location 


  Step 2: You will access to C:\QNE Business Solutions\Bin
 Inside this folder, point to WinApp.exe.config

Step 3: Right click à Edit (Open it in notepad)


Step 4: Look for <add key="NewVersionInstaller" value="\\SERVER-PC\Optimum Update\Setup.exe" />
Change the path and point it to Server.

\\<ServerName>\<Share Folder>\Setup.exe

It points to your server folder. If you did not configure it, the system will not auto upgrade if there is new version available.  



 Short Cut

For the second option, after you have configured for 1 of the workstations, you can copy “WinApp.exe.config” file and replace to another computer.  

Replace in QNE Business Solution > Bin Folder.




Note: This is applicable for version 2021.0.0.0 and above

When user login QNE from Workstation, there is a message prompt as below. Just click ok