The server and ALL computers cannot log in QNE Software.

 After updating the user’s name and password in the login screen system prompts “QLS connection failed! 

Please make sure QLS running and verify your QLS server 

IP/port number.  

  Error Details: The host failed to connect. Timeout occurred 

Solution – Database at Local Area Network Environment   


  • Normally this problem happens if the database is stored at the server (LAN), just like the sample picture below, the system will show the server’s name \ followed by QNEBSS. 


  • Other criteria that, this happened to ALL computers included server cannot log in. 



1. At the server, click on the start-up button > Type QLS > Click on it 



2. Check the QLS Agent. If the service is stopped then click on the Start button. Ensure the Service is running


3. You can log in to QNE software now 

Please refer to the attachment for details